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First of all, if you are brand new to the world of Professional Women… Hello!

WELCOME to PWC International!!!

Together we can create the change, the world needs.

We are so excited for the adventure we’re about to embark on together.


If we haven’t already met, my name is


and I am known as the founder of the PWC International.

I am a wife, and a mother to two lovely boys. I am a qualified Social Worker in the UK, with B.Sc. in Social Sciences and a certificate in Family Focused practice. I am a Performance coach & women’s leader who focuses on teaching women how to dream and achieve their goals by using the concepts of self-leadership and accountability from other women.

I serve women who are aware that they have goals to achieve regarding their lives, relationships, career, business and are stuck! We are able to demonstrate that you can achieve anything by understanding & using self leadership skills. Your life will quickly turn around in the shortest possible time!

Once you’ve looked at the resources on this page, I invite you to check out my other offerings on the programs page. This has been such a journey in the making and we are excited to share with you something that is finally authentic to a brand that was started in 2015, but has only become active in 2019! We are inviting you to be part of this journey. You will be able to receive newsletters & event mailers. This is a great introduction to our Professional Women’s Circle prior to joining as a Premium Member or Online Member.

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Join a community of PROFESSIONAL WOMEN, who are positive, caring, supportive. These women are on their own self leadership journey, and are breaking through all limitations in achieving their dreams. Here you can develop friendship, share your successes, ask for help. Please be sure to read the group rules before sending us a request.

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Join Our Self Leadership University


Self leadership is the ability to take responsibility for your life by striving to live an authentic life, excelling in all areas of your life to the best of your ability, as well as supporting others in finding their path and being the front runners of their lives

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Coach Akeh is one of the best Leadership and Relationship Coaches that I have had. She helped me to gain clarity and direction during my marriage difficulty and she gave me excellent advice on ways to build self- leadership as a professional business woman. I highly recommend her as a Coach. Thanks Coach Akeh for your help!